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About Us

An international leader in the distribution of theatrical content

BollywoodBio is a Sweden based international sales and distribution media company with a particular focus on Indian / Bollywood cinema, founded in the year of 2016. The company sprung out of the realization that there needs to be a greater provision of Indian / Bollywood films in markets across the world. Since inception we have undertaken many innovative initiatives to encourage wider dissemination of Indian cinema. We are active in the following fields: content exhibition (through cinema rental and partnerships); distribution of cinematic and digital content; localization services and other content packaging.

BollywoodBio acquires rights of Indian / Bollywood films for Nordics and other territories in Europe, excluding UK. We work with all major Bollywood studios, independent producers and and other production companies.

Over the years, BollywoodBio has been trusted by the largest media companies and has acquired a reputation of trustworthiness, professionalism and reliability. With almost 6+ years of experience, BollywoodBio has developed a unique expertise for the requirements of each region.

Since forming we ensure that we constantly keep ourselves informed on current developments within the Indian film industry. We distribute pioneering titles that excite curious minds, inspire imagination, and even change how people see the world. Our sales and distribution arm works

hard to distribute these titles across Nordics and Europe.


The vision of BollywoodBio’s management is to bring to life the cinema of India in the Nordics by establishing itself as a bedrock of the Indian film industry in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. By working with major studios, leading producers and top exhibitors in the Indian

cinema marketplace, BollywoodBio is helping contribute to the success of the Bollywood Box Office overseas.

Mission Statement

To be the strategic hub for an ever-expanding audience with a rich variety of Indian / Bollywood Films that range from Box Office hits to Award Winning dramas and comedies, through a viable and effective distribution network.

We endeavor to work with other partners, the leafing names in content creation, acquisition and aggregation, to acquire, distribute and release latest Indian / Bollywood productions in Nordics and in Europe.

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